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Greetings to all!

If you are reading this please enjoy the music within and allow me to share some wonderful memories. In my odyssey through life, God blessed me by allowing some of the most talented musicians in the world and four of the most talented and knowledgeable individuals to come into my life.
Pepe Gamboa, Bill Taggart, Ted Brinson and Randy Dew are the gifts that will live within me for the balance of my time on this earth. Like many other musicians, I come from a musical family. My grandfather on my mother’s side, Tony Belmontes, played great mandolin. My brother Joe Gamboa played trumpet and tuba and my sister CeCe Gamboa plays piano, drums and has a great voice. The tradition continues with my daughter Rowena Gamboa Barella. We have collaborated on seven musical compositions and she is a talented feeling lyricist. My two sons, Joshua and Jacob are growing musically every day. Joshua has taken to the acoustical guitar and Jacob at the age of nine, is already an accomplished pianist. We joined forces on their first song in this CD.


Pepe Gamboa my father, was a multi-talented guitarist musician comic and inventor. His first love, above all things, was music. I often said that if a neurosurgeon had opened up his head and looked inside he would have found a bunch of notes singing the praises of beauty. I never got along with my father at an early age because I think we were so alike. He wanted to teach me how to play a variety of musical instruments but at a young age I thought I didn’t need anyone to teach me what I could do on my own.

We always had a piano in the house, although nobody could play it…. so I thought. One day my father sat down and started playing some difficult pieces on the old up right and I was astonished. When did he learn to play piano? I had the honor and privilege of working with my father and his big band for about six months playing vibes, trombone and singing. He was truly an artist in many facets of life. Everyone loved my father. He could make everyone laugh and then speak eloquently about many subjects. When I grew up mentally, we got along fantastic. I learned a treasure of experience from my dad and I miss him dearly.

Image Bill Taggart was an extraordinary man. He was more than a band director. He could play every instrument in the marching band. The first day I met Bill was when I went to pick up my schoolbooks from the school library and there he was sitting in the corner of the room trying to enlist young students to join the school band. ‘You look like a musician!’ he said. How in the world did he know I was a musician? Later I found out he would say that to everyone. He was trying to entice them to join the concert and marching bands. He introduced me to the instrument that looked like the pipes in the restroom. A Trombone he called it. Nobody wanted to play this instrument so it was free. This was to be the first formal training I would have in music. Bill widened my scope for music and opened up the world of the big band and classical wonderment. We became very close and he never ceased to amaze me. I think of him often and then I smile.
Image Ted Brinson was a mailman by profession; he was a giant in every aspect of living. Veteran of the Battle of the Bulge he began recording various groups in his garage and eventually built a recording studio that would rival the big studios. I learned not only the basics of recording from Ted, but received his prize of friendship. He would allow me to spend hours in his studio mixing original songs and later playing the results for his expertise. What makes great recording engineers is the fact that some are accomplished musicians. Ted was a great bass player. I was honored to be called a friend by the Great Ted Brinson. I miss him a lot.
Image Randy Dew is one of the strangest people I have ever met. Strange in the sense that this man can literally do anything he puts his mind to. He has taken the word artistry and spread it out amongst many creative professions. Photographer, Musician, Engineer, Scientist, Racecar Driver, Mechanic, Electrician, Graphic Designer, Plumber, Carpenter and anything else you can think of. Randy has something that most people do not have. Intergalactic ears. He can hear sounds that I can’t hear and for that matter no one else can hear. I’ve only met three people in my life that had this gift. Randy is one and the other two were blind keyboard players. Being blind intensifies the other senses thus making sound become acutely sensitive. They can hear inner sounds that would barely make a wave on any audio computer graph. I consider Randy a combination of Pepe Gamboa, Bill Taggart and Ted Brinson. They all have one thing in common. The spiritual breathe of life. I love them all dearly.
Image Alicia Gamboa is the power and strength of the Gamboa Family.
Without her there is nothing.

CeCe Gamboa Johnny’s sister, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Humboldt State University and has always found time to use her talent in singing to help out her brother Johnny in his music.

Image Rowena Gamboa Barella has collaborated on seven musical compositions with her father and will continue on future projects.
Image Josh and Jacob Gamboa at RPD Studios. Their first recording session as artists.