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Many a truth is spoken in jest.  Since the beginning of time, there have been humans that can, and humans that can’t.  The humans that can’t are called critics. The following thoughts are for all of the Artists both in Music and Cinema that have had to cringe at the thought of a critic reviewing their work.

Johnny Gamboa’s new CD is open for opinion.  Not by so-called professional critics that write for syndicated magazines and newspapers. Not by music critics who have never performed before a live audience.  Not by music critics that have never played one note on any musical instrument…and if they did, never reaching any substantial creative plateau.  Not by critics who inwardly attempt to hide their acute jealousy by slashing out at artists who reveal themselves to the masses.  Not for critics who are totally talent less in any facet of life itself.

These opinionated failures feed upon artisans while cocooned in their masquerade as a consummate svengali sage dissecting and analyzing every note and performance of an original work. To some of the world they cannot hide their inept and transparent claim of being an artistic philosopher who can value sounds and thoughts. What they are doing is revealing their unholy position as a repugnant parasite.

If critics were impaled by the largest enema filled with the greatest music ever created…still they would not hear! Please critics! Your reviews will be trashed in an instant.

The tragedy is people will listen to critics and not listen to themselves. They will have a pre-determined opinion even before they view or hear a presentation in music and thought. Make up your own mind.  It’s your mind! 

 Johnny’s new CD ‘Defend Yourself’ is for the audience that wants to hear a variety of notes thoughts and digs. …then… they alone can enjoy or lambaste the finished endeavor.

There is music and dialogue in this CD.

911’ demonstrates the danger of totally relying on the voice in the telephone rather then defending oneself.

‘Defend Yourself’, is a musical lesson to be learned.

All Of Us’ is the ignorance that comes from not attempting to understand other people’s traditions. Customs, religions and cultures are strange to the ones that have closed off the awareness of their soul. We are all different……but not really.  Maybe we’re different in the way we talk, the way we dress, the particular way we cook our food and the way we worship our God. We are all on this little ball in space for a very short time; why not make the best of it. You have your personal beliefs and traditions and so does your neighbor.  ‘To each his own’.

Is it too Late Now’ is music and thought asking will humanity ever learn.

‘The Lawyer’ is the aftermath of good verses evil.

What'chu Gonna Do’ is just fun.

JOHNNY GAMBOA’S NEW CD ‘ DEFEND YOURSELF’ is a storied trek filled with music and thought.
Please enjoy either the notes or the thoughts or neither